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Omgång: HT 2015
Explainartist is looking for venture capital and coaches.

Explainartist is a novel platform that all scientists can use to communicate their ideas and activities, with the support and guidance of an expert community that shares a passion for both visualisation and public engagement. Explainartist offers a specialist team of visualisers with experience in different scientific disciplines. A research group wishing to share their work with the public will consult with our team, who collaboratively create visuals and compile multimedia content that convey the core messages or questions arising from their work. This content is then uploaded to the Explainartist platform and strategically disseminated via social media to maximise exposure and propagate discussion.

Through its access to visualisers with diverse scientific backgrounds, Explainartist is in a unique position to bridge the communication gap between advanced research and the general public. The platform aims to establish itself as the first destination for scientists seeking to engage with a wider audience. The platform can be accessed worldwide at any time, and will provide trackable, real-time global discussion of illustrated concepts, which can be updated over time.

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Kontaktperson: Ajibola Omokanye


Telefonnummer: 031-7866208