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Salipro Biotech AB

Omgång: HT 2015
To strengthen our team, Salipro are looking for an experienced business developer with expertise in early-stage financing and licensing related to the biotech/pharma sector. We have developed an easy-to-use technology that bears the potential to revolutionize the drug discovery market.

The costs to bring a new drug from concept to market is estimated to be $2.5 billion. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies are in great need of novel technologies to develop new drugs at lower costs and in a more time efficient manner. We have developed an unique Nanoparticle technology that allows to work with potential drug targets in an entirely novel way. With current technologies it may take months to several years of tedious research to define the optimal R&D conditions for a potential drug target. By using our technology, this can be done in a couple of days or a few weeks. Therefore, the pharma customer can significantly reduce the development times and costs for drug development. Moreover, by using our patented technology our customers may gain a competitive edge by accessing novel drug targets that no one could investigate before and therefore be in a position to bring radically novel therapeutics to the market. To date we have received strong market interest and we are seeking for support in business development and financing to make our company grow.

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Kontaktperson: Jens Frauenfeld


Telefonnummer: 0700-520421